TechXplore is a UofT club in its fifth year. We are motivated to teach programming and advanced tech skills to our UofT peers, especially those in non-STEM majors. We want to empower our fellow UofT students, from all faculties and colleges, that have little-to-no programming experience through our workshops, tech talks and hackathons. Our aim is to provide the tools and the industry connections for students to feel job-ready and knowledgeable.


Believe in Better

We don’t limit ourselves to our current ability, we believe in the power of work and tenacity to overcome talent and circumstance

Seek out the Truth

We encourage everyone to challenge the status quo and ask the tough questions

Ownership Mentality

We’re not fond of excuses and generally don’t like others that are. We believe in the healing qualities of hard work and find it more difficult to power down than to power on


The joy and success that I achieve is only made valuable in my ability to share that joy and success with the team. If the goal is scored it makes no difference who was the last person to touch the puck.


2021/22 Academic Year 

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"I'm excited to showcase how Technology intersects industries and fields all around us without us knowing it.'Technology surrounds us' is not an understatement, and this year with TechXplore we have lined up workshops, events, panels and services to help every student break that technological barrier into a digitally changing world"

Aadam Dadhiwala - President 


I’m excited to help broaden the audience of TechXplore, and to help ensure that non-STEM and STEM students alike improve their tech skills this year!

Demi Pallas - Vice President

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I'm excited to be part of a new exciting community and learn about the integration of technology into the workplace, not just in the fields of engineering and programming but in the field of business and arts as well.

Tariq Abu-Amara - Director of Finance

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I’m excited to help STEM and Non-STEM majors navigate the complex world of technology!

Julian DiFelice - Director of Technology Strategy

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I’m excited to be part of TechXplore this year to help to help other students get familiar with how they can use technology to shape their future!

Mohammad Haddadnia
-Director of Logistics

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As someone in Engineering who lacks programming skills, TechXplore has been an excellent platform for me to build these proficiencies. I look forward to being on the team that makes this possible for all students on campus and am excited to play a role in elevating their learning experience.

Shashveena Kanapathy - Director 
of Sponsorship 


Lolita Vorobyeva- Director of Marketing